December 11th, 2013

Recommended Reading #179: Attunement

      “Treating the whole person” by Dr. Elizabeth Wood (Self-Awareness, Health and Body, BDSM) 11/2/13

Recognition of sexual health, freedom, rights, and pleasure in the medical field seems profoundly important to me, and I feel Elizabeth’s exposition beautifully illuminates some reasons why.


      “Sadie Says: She’s Ready” by Sadie Smythe (Youth, Sex Education, Self-Awareness, Sex and Culture) 11/22/13

This almost brought me to tears. Reading about a parent who perceives sexuality and our relationship with our bodies as things that are innate and inseparable from our full consciousness not only feels like a breath of fresh air but also something for which I feel profoundly grateful. Reading of a daughter that is being guided this way and appears to be absorbing it shrewdly leaves me almost speechless with gratitude. Attunement to self, nature, and offspring (as well as to the toxic messages behind abstinence-only insistence and the awareness to eschew them). Beautiful.


      “Rape Triggers & The Best Dentist In The World” by Alyssa Royse (Self-Awareness, Trauma, Sexual Violence, Beauty) 12/4/13

[Sexual violence trigger warning, but if you can stand to read it—] This is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful things I have read in some time. So much so I don’t even know what else to say about it.


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