September 3rd, 2014

Recommended Reading #213: Sex as Labor, Pt. V

      “Let’s Hear from the Clients on the Rights of Sex Workers” by sxcline (Sex Work, Sex and Culture, Sociology) 8/10/14

Well put.


      “Labor Intensive: In Defense of Sex Work” by A Dozen Pissed Off Sex Workers (Sex Work, Sex and Culture, Sociology) 8/23/14

I appreciate the pragmatic tone of this (even as I feel ideologically strongly in favor of an appreciation of sex work and of sex worker rights), and it seems to me its straightforward approach as such could reach readers who haven’t particularly considered the issue(s) in question.


      “Still Harmful to Minors” by Dr. Elizabeth Wood (Youth, Public Policy, Sex and Culture) 7/25/14

Not only do I find this brilliant, but it also articulates a specific and powerful point I had not ever consciously articulated myself. As the author puts it, “If we tell that 15-year-old that we can only help her by housing her against her will in a locked and guarded detention facility, or if we tell her that we can only offer her shelter if she will promise never to have sex or use drugs or skip school, or if we tell her that we are going to send her back to the parents who kicked her out in the first place, or the foster parents she ran away from, or the country that she fled, then we are telling her we care more about her behavior than her safety” (emphasis mine). What an important and, again, powerful, recognition.


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