September 17th, 2014

Recommended Reading #215: Shifting Perpectives, Pt. V

      “Why The Questions We’re Asking About Sex Work Are Wrong” by Kate D’Adamo (Sex Work, Psychology, Labor, Sex and Culture) 9/9/14

I really appreciate Kate’s (appropriately and realistically, as I see it) nuanced and pragmatic approach in this piece. While I myself have tended to perceive more ideologically than pragmatically in general, in this context I certainly recognize great value in the pragmatism I interpret in this piece.


      “Iowa’s Family Values” by Steven W. Thrasher (Memoir, Marriage, LGBTQ Rights) 4/8/09

I don’t doubt I would find this a lovely piece anyway, but that it was about my home state made it particularly moving to me. I am aware of some political fallout in the state following this that was executed in a way I find appalling (as I understand it, basically the very conservative candidate that lost in the primary race for governor shortly thereafter then leveraged his campaign momentum and resources solely to oust the state Supreme Court judges whose votes had overturned the gay marriage ban…and succeeded :-( ), but the state still did indeed overturn a ban on gay marriage, which is currently legally permissible in Iowa.


      “Spanking Is Great for Sex” by Jillian Keenan (Youth, Sociology, Parenting) 9/17/14

I understand how very controversial this will undoubtedly seem. I also, however, agree with it. UPDATE: After I posted this, my attention was brought (through a series of tweets from the truly magnificent Alana Noel Voth to the author) to this response. Please consider it a Recommended Reading addendum!


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