November 5th, 2014

Recommended Reading #218: Youth, Pt. VII

      “Rites of the Savage Tribe” by Jean Roberta (Sex and Culture, Youth, Sociology) 8/26/14

I find this such a thoughtful piece, and to me it articulates important circumstances and tendencies we would do well to recognize.


      “Sex Research Confuses Casual Sex with Causal Sex” by Cory Silverberg (Youth, Sex and Culture, Sexuality Research) Undated

I find this piece generously written, which I appreciate and tend to prefer to err toward myself. In this case, the one thing with which I slightly disagree is in Cory’s final paragraph when he says he doesn’t think the researchers are aiming to mislead. From a certain angle, I agree with that, but from another, I suspect they may really think “casual” sex is somehow bad, wrong, or at least lesser than “other” kinds of sex and thus are eager to not only prove something but to “prove,” more specifically, that. (Incidentally, any time I see the word “prove” associated with social research, I experience an immediate wariness.) Anyway, I much appreciate Cory’s exploration in this piece and am glad he wrote it.


      “6 Totally Normal Things Young Girls Do When They’re Discovering Their Sexuality That No One Ever Talks About” by Kat George (Childhood, Sexuality Education, Sex and Culture) 11/4/14

Yes, yes, and more yes…to me, this is just filled with “yes.” I find it great to see and so appreciate its being written.


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